Reprogramming Conference 2021

The 2nd annual Reprogramming Conference did not disappoint. This conference hosted international voices from around the world! You won't be able to find the information taught at this conference anywhere else. Pastor Mike and Dr.Cindy Trimm and along with other powerful speakers, will not only challenge your understanding of the Kingdom but enhance it. Enroll in this course today to get access to over ten powerful sessions!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Dr Pepe Ramnath

    • Dr Pepe | King's and Priest In The Kingdom | Reprogram Conference

    • Dr Pepe Ramnath | Reprogramming Through God's Science of Worship | Reprogram Conference

  • 2

    Bishop Andrew Delee

    • Bishop Andrew Delee | Kingdom Gratefulness | Reprogramming Conference

    • Bishop Delee Andrew Delee Kingdom Purity

  • 3

    Pastor Ryan Cole

    • Pastor Ryan Cole | Finding Your Place In The Kingdom

    • Pastor Ryan Cole | Paradigm Shift

  • 4

    Pastor Mike Darnell

    • Pastor Mike Darnell | Kingdom Concept Of Health

  • 5

    Pastor Raymond Eneas

    • Pastor Raymond | The Clean UP

    • Pastor Raymond | How To Live Kingdom Life Effectively

    • Pastor Raymond _ Priority Check _ Reprogram Conference

  • 6

    Kingdom Panel

    • Kingdom Panel

    • Kingdom Panel 2

  • 7

    Dr Cindy Trimm

    • Dr Cindy Trimm | Finding Your Kingdom Identity