We have a problem in our world! Only a return to a full understanding of how God's Kingdom works can solve it. But sadly, most churches do not teach what Jesus taught. He only taught about His Kingdom. So, Pastor Mike Darnell founded Excel University to get you back on track. The purpose of this university is to teach and equip students about the Kingdom Of God. On this platform, you will find a growing library of over 50 courses that teach various topics in the Kingdom. Pastor Mike Darnell becomes your Kingdom mentor every day, and he brings other guest instructors to impart their wisdom as well. He is joined by teachers like Dr.Cindy Trimm, Pastor Ron Carpenter, Dr.Dave Burrows, and many more. This platform is designed for you to have the BEST learning experience and to be able to understand the Kingdom. With content uploaded monthly, you can expect to never run out of courses to study. Welcome to Excel University, and get ready to cover the Kingdom like never before!