Reprogram Conference 22


Reprogram Conference 2021 was huge, but this year's conference will be even BIGGER! This summer, on May 20th & 21st, the biggest conference of the year is here! This conference is for those ready to be awakened, discover their true selves, and escape the worldly system into the Kingdom system! Pastor Mike Darnell will host this year's Reprogramming conference and will be bringing back Dr.Cindy Trimm and many other excellent teachers for a dynamic experience! Also, worship will be led by none other than Pastor Stephen Ward! Registration is open, and you can get your ticket NOW! But wait, this conference is FREE! Click the link below to register for a virtual or in-person ticket. Seats are limited, so be sure not to miss your chance to register and be in the building! Also, if you are not already a student of Excel University, click the link below to be a part of a unique platform committed to equipping leaders with a Kingdom paradigm!